(solo) :

2014, Homage to Nam June Paik, FACE exhibit opening, Doc.U.Ment, Koreatown LA CA VIDEO

2014, Conical Sound Test 2, ohernhoch, Berlin Germany
2014 Recording session at Sun Tunnels by Nancy Holt, (Hikmet Loe) Utah, June 21, 2014
2013 "Sounds of Barcelona", Ear Meal Webcast, 2013
2013 "Sagrada Familia Field Recording", Sagrada Familia, Barcelona Spain, 2013
2013 "BARCELONA ROOM 1.0" , on SoundCloud, 2013
2013 Organ of Corti; a short video
2013 "ORGAN OF CORTI: world premier" @ EAST LA REP, September 21, 2013
2012 Nakagawa recording "Organ of Corti" LP, 2012 at Total Annihilation Studios
2013, Port of Barcelona Sound Mix
2013, Organ of Corti, LP (For Sale) : SubWax BCN/Spain, Fingerprints/ Long Beach CA, and Jacknife Records/ Atwater CA
2013 Presentation of "Organ of Corti (excerpt)", University of Southern California
2012 Line to Lightning Field
2012 Two Ton Pistashio for Devin Sarno's Absence of Wax
2012 Royal Rife 3.0, Ear Meal Webcast
2011 ISO CUBE 101411
2010 Paper Football
2008 FOUND SOUND, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, opening of BCAM


(group) :

2015 A Measure of Salt; (The Aleurone Layer and the Cosmic Understanding of Communication; video projection), curated by Hikmet Loe, Granary Art Center, Utah

2015 L.A. Pix; Still, Doc.U.Ment, Koreatown Los Angeles CA
2014 FACE, Doc.U.Ment, Koreatown Los Angeles CA 2014 Lime Light, at Cordary Art, Hawthorne CA, 6 to 9PM, June 7, 2014
2014 Conical Sound Test #1, Reverb Exhibit @ Torrance Art Museum, 2014
2013 Alan and Eva, performance at NIU, Barcelona Spain, 2013
2013 IMPROVISED ISO CUBE, at Burrito Deluxe/ Shangrila, August 31, 2013
2013 MOONDOG POLE video, 2013 Soundwalk, Long Beach CA
2013 MOONDOG POLE, 2013 Soundwalk, Long Beach CA
2013 ORGAN CORTI (work in progress)", Spring Studio at REDCAT, March 30 & 31, 2013
2012: SASAKI at the wulf., LA CA
2012 Ear Diorama Ear, Lost Coast Culture Machine, Fort Bragg CA
2012 Ear Diorama Ear, Luggage Store, San Francisco CA
2011 Sound Forest at Ciclavia 2011
2011 Spectural Analysis; Homage to Willaim Leavit, Museum of Contemporay Art, Los Angeles, curated by the wulf., 2011
2011 SOUND FOREST at CicLAvia, LA CA
2011 COOL at Soundwalk 2011, Long Beach CA
2010 Sound Bed at Soundwalk Long Beach CA
2011 Southern California Soundscape Ensemble, Ear Meal webcast
2011 Ear Diorama Ear, Ear Meal webcast
2011 Eternal Telethon @ Belly Flop, Echo Park CA
2011 the wulf @ Museum of Contemporary Art, LA CA, for the William Leavitt Exhibition
2011 Southern California Soundscape Ensemble
2011 RED FLAT at Mesa College, San Diego CA
2011 RED FLAT at Integratron, Joshua Tree CA
2011 RED FLAT at the wulf, LA CA
2011 RED FLAT at the Japanese American Museum, LA CA
2011 First In Space with Mooey Moobau
2011 Ear Diorama Ear with Kaoru Mansour
2010 First In Space with Mooey Moobau
2010 Jorge Martin/ Alan Nakagawa
2010 Jasmine Orpilla/ Alan Nakagawa
2009 Department of Real Estate, Resbox, Hollywood CA
2009 Sound Taxi at Soundwalk, Long Beach CA with Otonomiyaki
2009 Pota Pota at the Glendale Blues and Jazz Festival, Glendale Arizona with Otonomiyaki
2008 Ginger and Maryann at Soundwalk, Long Beach CA with Otonomiyaki
2008 Sukiyaki Song at the Eagle Rock Center for the Arts, CA with Otonomiyaki
2008 Percussion Forest, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, opening of BCAM 2006 SOUNDWALK ZINE, Catalog insert, Soundwalk, Long Beach CA 2004 TUMOR, at Soundwalk, Long Beach CA


(residencies and awards) :

2015 Artist Residency/ Research, Museum of Ameircan History, Smithsonian Museum, Washington DC

2015 City of Los Angeles Artist Fellowship (COLA), Department of Cultural Affairs City of Los Angeles

2013 Artist in Residence, University of Barcelona, Barcelona Spain, Cultural Exchnge International Artist Fellowship, Department of Cultural Affairs City of LA

2012 Mid Career Artist Fellowship, California Community Foundation

2008 Guest Composer, FOUND SOUND, three day opening of Brod Contemporary Art Museum, LA County Museum of Art, LA CA


(interviews and articles) :

2014, FACE exhibition, DOCUMENT, Sprudge Online Magazine

2014 ARTBOUND, KCET TV/Web and Episode; Virtual Domains November 7, 2014

2014 Forth Magazine, Lime Light Exhibition, June 2014
2014 "thisisnotaradioshow" on Radio Sombra
2014 Illuminated from Above Hawthorne’s Cordary Avenue glows with artists, Bondo Wyszpolski, Easy Reader News
2013 "thisisnotaradioshow" on Radio Sombra
2013 KCHUNG RADIO/ guest artist; "Myrtle" host Kristy Baltezore
2013 KCET Website, written by Carren Jao
2012 Atlas Sets: Alan Nakagawa; interviewed by Glenn Bach
2012 OMAG Fall
2012 First In Space at Soundwalk article on the Long Beach Gazzette
2011 Interview with Colin Marshall on Colin Marshall Radio December
2011 Interview on GYST Radio
2011 Interview about Sound Forest at CicLAvia 2011 by students from UC Irvine
2009 article in Sushi and Sake, LA based community newspaper
2008 Visiting with Huell Howser


(spoke cards)

(sound maps)

(mail art)

(videos) :

2013 GUS

2012 Line to Lightning Field

2006 LA Menu Munchies with Collage Ensemble Inc.


(education) :

2011 Oral History Program Workshops, University of California Los Angeles

1990 Monbusho Scholarship, Ministry of Education, Osaka School of Foreign Language & University of Japan School of Fine Arts 1988 MFA, University of California, Irvine 1986

BFA, Otis Art Institute of Parsons School of Design


(collaborations) : 2010 to 2012, Ear Diorama Ear 2011 to 2012, Nakagawa and Joseph Tepperman 2010 to 2013, Southern California Soundscape Ensemble 2008 to 2010, Otonomiyaki 2010 to 2011, Department of Real Estate 1984 to 2012, Collage Ensemble Inc.