Found Sound/ Alan Nakagawa

Three day opening of Broad Contemporary Art Museum (BCAM)

at Los Angeles County Museum of Art


LACMA commissioned me to create a sound project for the 3 day opening of BCAM. "Found Sound" was a dream cometrue, a colorful ongoing jam with some of my favorite LA-based experimental sound artists repeated three days in a row. The museum erected a very large white tent across the tar pits with a stage and coffee shop style couches and chairs. The participants included: Steve Roden, Joseph Hammer, Kio Griffith, Mona Kasra, Steven M Irvin, Mike the Poet and the Mary Tyler Smores.

Steve Roden and Alan Nakagawa

Joseph Hammer

Mona Kasra

Steven M. Irvin


"LA in Perpetuam" Collage Ensemble Inc/ Mona Kasra/ Alan Nakagawa

Otonomiyaki; Kio Griffith and A. Nakagawa

Mike The Poet

Video Still from "LA IN PERPETUAM" by Mona Kasra. Mona created a video tapestry about the oil pumps signifying the first capitalist industry in Los Angeles which of course relates historically to the content of the La Brea Tar Pits (LACMA)